What is Subsidized Child Care?

Subsidized Child Care provides help with day care costs to working parents who qualify.  The program is available to parents of children from birth thru 12 years of age who live in Pennsylvania.  Parents who qualify pay a weekly co pay based on their income and household size, and some parents pay as little as $5.00 per week for child care they use at a day care center, group day care home, family day care home, or with a private individual such as a relative, friend or neighbor.

Parents select the child care provider of their choice, and child care subsidy may be used at any child care provider who chooses to participate in a subsidy program.  Parents can also choose a provider not currently participating in the program or a provider outside of their county, as long as that provider is willing to sign an agreement with CCIS.

How Does A Parent Qualify?

Parents who reside in Pennsylvania may qualify for a child care subsidy if they meet financial and non-financial eligibility requirements.  Each parent, and if applicable, each spouse in the household must meet guidelines that include, but are not limited, to the following:

● Work an average of at least 20 hours a week, or work an average at least 10 hours a week and attend an approved training program at least 10 hours a week.
●  Have gross annual family income that is under 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidline.
●  Need care for a child from birth until the child’s 13th birthday unless the child has a disability, which lowers his or her developmental age.

Income Guidelines Effective May 4, 2015:  (guidelines change yearly)

Family Size
Yearly Gross Income

How Does A Parent Apply For The Program?

Parents must contact the CCIS in the county in which they reside.  A parent living in either PIKE, SUSQUEHANNA and WAYNE COUNTIES can access this service by calling 1-800-559-6020, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 pm.  CCIS staff will explain what documentation will need to be provided, and answer any questions the parent may have during this initial call. An eligibility screening will be done during the call and the application packet will be mailed to the home address.  The following information may be requested for the application:

●  Proof of address
●  Proof of employment.
●  Verification of earned income.
●  Verification of unearned income, such as SSI, child support, interest or pension.
●  Verification of enrollment in school (if a teen parent)
●  Verification of training program
●  Verification of any support paid out for children not living in the household
●  Records of ongoing medical expenses exceeding 10% of the family’s income
● Proof of family composition, such as birth certificates, school records, or medical records.

The completed application is returned to the CCIS for the processing and the final determination of eligibility. Parents are notified in writing of the statutes of their eligibility.

Once a parent completes the process, is determined eligible, and selects a child care provider, which can include a day care center, group day care home, family day care home, or even a private individual


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