What is Child Care Resource and Referral?

The Child Care Resource and Referral Program is a resource for child care information available to parents who have child care questions, require child care information, or need assistance in locating child care. CCIS provides referrals to licensed day care centers and group day care homes, and registered family day care homes. Day care referrals are designed to meet the individual needs of parents and include specific program information to assist parents in their child care selection process. CCIS staff cannot recommend any particular provider, but will provide parents with information on legally operating programs matching requirements such as location, type of program, ages served, and days and hours of operation.

Child care resource and referral services also provide consumer education information and materials to assist parents with their child care needs. These resources include information designed to assist parents in thechild care process by providing them with such information as knowledge ofchild care licensing and registration requirements, information on selecting childcare and the various forms of care, questions and answers on choosing an early childhood program, and additional topics such as the transition from the home environment to a day care setting, as well as day care health and safety issues.

Information on additional community resources or supportive services may also be available to parents and is subject to the resources of the CCIS.

Who Can Use This Service?

This is a free service available to every parent in Pennsylvania, and parents who live in PIKE, SUSQUEHANNA and WAYNE COUNTIES can access this service by calling 1-800-559-6020, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

What Types of Child Care Are Available?

Child Day Care Center - This is a child care program that cares for 7 or more children unrelated to the day care operator.

Group Day Care Home - This is a child care program that cares for between 7 and 12 children unrelated to the day care operator and can be located in a residence or another premises.

Family Day Care Home - This is a child care program with l caregiver who cares for between 4 and 6 children unrelated to the caregiver, and is located in a home other than the child's own home.

Relative/Neighbor Care - This is a home with 1 caregiver who provides child day care services to 3 or fewer children who are not the caregiver's children, or provides child care services to his or her relatives. This type of child care is located in the caregiver's home.

The day care division of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) is the regulatory agency for child care providers. Centers and group homes undergo a licensing process by DPW which involves an inspection prior to opening, and additional inspections at least once a year. Family day care homes undergo a registration process and receive inspection on a random basis. Relative/neighbor providers do not undergo inspection and are not required to become licensed or registered, but they must not care for more than 3 children at any one time. All child care providers must have child abuse and criminal record checks. Day care center, group home, and family day care providers participating in the subsidy program must have health appraisals completed and must also meet requirements for continued training related to the field.

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